Account Creation (Science Direct)


Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps institutions and professionals advance healthcare, open science and improve performance for the benefit of humanity


1. Upon successful purchase of the ACE Card through this portal, the faculty or researcher can now proceed to the ScienceDirect portal ( to access journals or download journal articles for their respective research.

2. A ScienceDirect account is a requirement upon purchase of the ACE card. You will receive a set of intruction via email for seamless process of ScienceDirect account creation and placing the ACE Card credentials to link to your ScienceDirect account.

3. Once linked with your ScienceDirect account, you can now navigate to Elsevier`s collection and have the ability to download four(4) journal articles max per ACE card.

4. After consumption of 4 downloads, the user can go back to this portal to re-purchase card.

Verification, Using codes and gaining access

A separate and detailed instruction will be snt, together with the payment receipt (OR), via email upon successful payment of the ACE Card. This email also serves as verification of successful payment transaction.

Access Issues (if any)

If transaction was successful in-portal but you did not received a confirmatin email and OR, please wait within 24 hours (max) for the system to generate confirmation. Please ensure that you have better internet reception during payment or try resetting your browser. If none of these tips work, please submit a ticket and include the following details:

A representative from IRIS will get back to you within 24-48 hours after you sent the inquiry

Keeping your account safe

Never share your account details (ScienceDirect and ACE Credentials) with anyone, as it put your account at risk. Watch out for possible fraudsters and always input the appropriate website addresses.

If your account was recently compromised or an unauthorized transaction occured, contact IRIS Support immediately so we can suspend account for your safety by submitting a ticket. The next step is to create a new ScienceDirect account or email, whichever was compromised.

An “Unauthorized Transaction” occurs when money is sent and/or illicitly debited from your credit card/ GCASH/ GrabPay or other accounts via the IRIS-Elsevier Pay Portal; or when the linked account has been accessed without your authorization. Note that cases however, wherein the transaction was genuinely made by you or when access to the account was shared, then you shall be responsible for those transactions.

Only transact with the following pages (The IRIS, Elsevier, and ScienceDirect) to keep your account safe from phishing sites or fake profiles.