The ACE Card is a unique “prepaid service card” offering and utilizing Elsevier’s ScienceDirect journal and research collection. This is made affordable in Philippine peso denominations at Php1,999.00 only. The ACE card will have a certain packaged functionality with premium services such as unlimited viewing of journals and articles in the ScienceDirect portal, and downloads (in PDF) of four (4) for-purchase journal articles regardless of listed price (note: prices for journal articles range from US$20.00 to US$50.00).

Who owns and manages the ACE Card in the Philippines?

The ACE Card is owned and managed by The Institutes for Research, Innovation and Scholarship (The IRIS), a private Science and Technology research and consultancy firm that works on building the research and innovation capacities of various sectors such as research institutions, colleges and universities, industries, and other organizations. In partnership with the Elsevier, it is offering the ACE Card as an affordable solution especially for State Universities and Colleges to have access to ScienceDirect’s high quality interdisciplinary online research resources for scientists, researchers, faculty, and students. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE IRIS at

About ScienceDirect.

What is ScienceDirect? It is the world’s leading platform of peer- reviewed literature covering the Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities. Through its core collection of 2,500 high impact journals, 16 million research articles, and 330,000+ topic pages.

ScienceDirect helps you to a) find answers to your most pressing research questions, b) stay on top of your field, and c) gain in-depth insights into trending research topics as you take your next steps in discovery.

Why ScienceDirect?

• FOR STUDENTS and RESEARCHERS: Get access to the most reliable global sources to help write papers and keep up to date with the latest research advances and innovations.

• FOR TEACHERS: Stay current in your discipline and enjoy convenient access to peer-reviewed publications and resources.

• FOR ADMINISTRATORS and THE LIBRARY: Promote scholarship, increase student achievement, and enhance the quality of research and teaching resources for your faculty.

The ACE Card helps you move your research forward.

1. Manage your Research.
Accelerate the pace of discovery and manage your research with personalized article recommendations, alerts, powerful search, reading history and remote access.

2. Unlock the power of co-usage.
ScienceDirect supports an uninterrupted workflow allowing you to move seamlessly between books and journals, across topics and displines.

3. Get access to high-value interdisciplinary content.
ScienceDirect`s deep and wide content facilities interdisciplinary research with tools designed to help you streamline your research work flow.